New Vigilance and Compassion


At Middle Way School, our primary commitment is to the students and families we serve, what we call our sangha. Our priority is keeping them safe. We are currently open on campus, in-person with outdoor classrooms and a cohort system. It’s so good to be back! 

We rely on the innate wisdom of each individual in our community, their compassion for each other, and on each person taking responsibility for their actions. We are all closely interconnected through this amazing group of children and our actions have direct impacts on everyone in the community. Being compassionate means staying vigilant. Please remind your children to wash their hands frequently at school and elsewhere and keep up with the best practices in your home as you would elsewhere. The reality is that we’ll likely all be forced to go virtual if any COVID cases pop up and none of us want that. Cases are likely to start rising locally as public schools in our region begin to open in person. This is in all of our hands so please be smart and respectful of others in the choices you make regarding socializing.

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In order to reopen in September, the Middle Way School (MWS) had to present a plan to the State Department of Education for approval. In that plan, MWS committed to following all CDC and NYSDOH mandates, guidelines, and recommendations with regard to COVID-19 protocol for the 2020-2021 school year. These guidelines and recommendations change regularly and now a person’s vaccination status is being taken into account (at this time, children are not eligible). We continually read these changing guidelines and do our best to interpret how they impact the people in our community, with a focus on keeping everyone safe so that we can continue to operate an in person program. 

Our approach to the pandemic is multilayered and relies on personal and shared responsibilities to reduce risk of transmitting the virus. Our community exists within a circle of trust, where we all play a role in protecting the health of everyone else. The image from the New York Times above illustrates how the interventions we are taking work together. According to the article, “Multiple layers of protection, imagined as cheese slices, block the spread of the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. No one layer is perfect; each has holes, and when the holes align, the risk of infection increases. But several layers combined — social distancing, plus masks, plus hand-washing, plus testing and tracing, plus ventilation, plus government messaging — significantly reduce the overall risk. Vaccination will add one more protective layer.”



Anyone coming to our campus must complete one of these surveys:

Enrolled families    


Our Healthy School Committee—made up of medical experts, educators, school leaders, and parents—published a plan, as mandated by New York State, to reopen safely based on all of the best information available. This plan was approved by the State in August. It is a living document that is revised regularly as the mandates change.



A slight uptick in the number of allergy and viral-like symptoms is very common for this time of year. With the added anxiety around the pandemic, now is a good time to review the similarities and, more importantly, the differences. For details on how to tell the difference between allergies and COVID, continue reading.



For what you need to know about who should get tested, where to get tested in Hudson Valley, and what types of tests are available, click here.


Poughkeepsie-based Bambini Pediatrics created a document with helpful information about how to stay healthy.


We have compiled some frequently asked questions. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please contact us at



Every day, MWS reports to the NY State Department of Health, tracking our real-time COVID-19 infection and testing operations.