Yinan Lu

Yinan Lu

Assistant Teacher | Fawns

Yinan has been with the Middle Way School for several years as the Assistant Teacher to the Fawns class of our youngest students. Yinan brings so much warmth, expertise, and wry humor to MWS and we are delighted by her presence on campus. She is also a parent to Alfred, a Middle Way student.

The wisdom of childhood never fails to amaze and humble me. I feel full of life when working with children, where I can witness and support their journey in discovering themselves and the world around them.

After earning degrees in Environmental Conservation and Early Childhood Education, I served as a lead teacher at Forest Explorers at the Queens Botanical Garden, as well as an assistant teacher at a bilingual preschool in Thailand that enrolls local children as well as stateless children from the Burmese refugee community who settled in the area.

Being a part of the Middle Way School community is dreamy and empowering. I found a place where my passion in reimagining education and connecting children with nature can settle harmoniously with this compassionate community.