Rachel Brown


Rachel helped shape the Middle Way Education by integrating best practices in education with the MWE vision and mission. In our first six months, she support our teachers through the launch process and now continues to advise on a variety of issues.

I have worked as an educator over the last 15 years, creating opportunities for children to connect to others, engage in learning, and build confidence in their ability to manage life’s challenges. I trained at Bank Street School of Education in general and special education. I studied through a constructivist lens while working as a first grade teacher in their School for Children. These experiences informed my deep commitment to designing learning environments that bring forth students’ inherent curiosity and desire to learn. I continued to work in elementary classrooms in public and independent schools in New York City, Portland, Oregon, and here in the Hudson Valley.

Facing health challenges early in my career, I found my way to mindfulness and meditation. When I returned to teaching, I recognized the profound impact my practice had on my relationship with students, families, and colleagues. With Mindful Education and Mindful Schools, I pursued further training in mindfulness for students and looked for opportunities to support other educators in contemplative practices.

As a consultant educator with the Teaching Empathy Institute, I supported Kingston City School District elementary teachers and students to integrate social and emotional learning and mindfulness practices into the everyday life of their classrooms. I designed and implemented curriculum for students and facilitated communities of practice and experiential workshops for teachers.

My family —my daughter, Amara, and my husband, Eli, and I—live just outside of Kingston, NY. I feel honored to be joining the community of students, parents, and teachers that are breathing life into the Middle Way School.


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August 16, 2018

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