Jennifer Syriaque

Jennifer Syriaque

Assistant Teacher | Garudas and Tigers

Jennifer joins the Middle Way School by way of the Poughkeepsie City School District, where she taught elementary-aged children in the Community Elementary School. She is passionate about addressing the evolving and emerging needs of each child. We’re so pleased to have her as an Assistant Teacher for the Garudas and Tigers class.

Building on my B.S. in History from SUNY Oneonta, I earned a Master’s degree in Education from Purdue University.

My path in teaching began in 2018 as a Substitute Teacher in Poughkeepsie. For several years, I worked as a Teaching Assistant at the UCCC Children Center in Stone Ridge where I supported learning and enrichment programs for a range of ages. I’ve also supported various Afterschool programs and Preschool learning around the region.

As a Teacher at Kingston Catholic Elementary School, I adjusted and adapted teaching methods and materials to meet students’ educational needs for both in-person and distance-learning instruction. There, I taught students both individually and as a collective.

I then held the role of Education Director for YMCA of Ulster County, designing educational curriculum for core academic subjects within their elementary-aged summer enrichment program. I’ve also served as Site Supervisor for the YMCA After School Program, providing specialized instruction for various age groups in the core subjects of reading, writing, and math.

Most recently, I was a Teacher at Poughkeepsie Community Elementary School. There, I supported the goal to create a school that serves as a community beacon. Resourced to provide a fully holistic experience for children, the aim of the school is to bridge their time at home, at school, and within the community.

I am dedicated to supporting the success of the whole child by matching just the right methods and resources. I’m grateful to join the Middle Way School and look forward to spending time with the Garudas and Tigers, exploring math together as fits within a broader framework of learning.