Hollis Dannaham

Hollis Dannaham

Learning Support Coordinator

As our Learning Support Coordinator, Hollis provides inclusive learning environments where all children can grow and succeed with joy and ease.She brings four decades of experience in education, training in the neurodevelopment of learning, and a deep study of earth-based practices and Eastern Religion to this important new role. We’re so thrilled to offer this support to all Middle Way students.

Throughout my almost 4 decade career I have worked with preschool through graduate school students in public, private, and charter schools as well as in private practice. I have filled the roles of Special Education Teacher, Reading Teacher, Social Skills Trainer, Director of Academic Intervention, RTI Coordinator, Learning Specialist, Consultant, and Tutor. In the last 11 years my focus shifted to working with teachers and school leaders to understand learning differences and provide inclusive learning environments where all children can grow and succeed with joy and ease.

When I was diagnosed with a learning disability at the age of 11 and told I would never go to college, my parents gave me the choice of staying in my school or going to a trade school. I chose the former and graduated from a top performing high school, completed a Bachelors in psychology, a dual Masters of Professional Studies in Elementary and Special Education, and a Masters of Education in School Leadership and Administration. My personal experience inspired a passion for bringing joy to the learning process for all children but especially those who find learning challenging.

In my quest to find the most effective intervention and teaching methods, I had the opportunity to study at UNC’s Center for Development and Learning. It was here that I studied the neurodevelopment of learning and how to identify each child’s unique learning profile of strengths and areas for growth. This specificity allows me to effectively support learning for both the child who may be struggling and the child who requires more rigor. 

In parallel to developing my skills as a learning specialist I also pursued knowledge and experience in the realm of spirit. My focus has been in Eastern religions and Earth based practices. I hold certifications in; teaching yoga and meditation (500hr), fire walk facilitation, breath work, and Transformational Coaching. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to deepen my understanding and practices in Buddhism and to work in a collaborative environment aligned with my beliefs around educating the whole child in and out of the classroom.

I live in Kerhonkson, NY with my husband Glenn and our two cats. I enjoy connecting with nature, making beaded jewelry and gemstone malas, and facilitating ceremony to support growth and healing.