Harry Einhorn

Harry Einhorn is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and lifelong student of Buddhism currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Trained in theater and theater in education at Northwestern University, he has worked as a museum educator at the Rubin Museum and for Museum Hack, where he has led workshops on storytelling and engagement for museums and companies around the world. Currently, he is a lecturer in the Buddhist Art Department in Hua Fan University in Taipei, Taiwan, where he teaches classes on buddhist music, Tibetan iconography, and buddhist English.

As an artist, he is interested in the integration of ancient wisdom traditions with modern life through art and culture, and has produced, directed, and composed works exploring the teachings of buddhism through music, dance, and installation. He has coordinated and taught at meditation and buddhist study retreats in India, France, Brazil, Taiwan, and the US, and is currently a member of the Milinda Program, a multi-year Buddhist teacher training sponsored by the Khyentse Foundation. His favorite food is pizza.