This page has been updated for Wednesday, May 19. Please be sure to do your home health checks even on virtual days.

If you click on your child’s class, you will be taken to your teacher’s core document with all the links you’ll need for class-specific work. We encourage families to sit together, even if it just for 60 seconds of mindfulness meditation. And ask your children to lead the mealtime ritual of singing a song and feeling gratitude. At the end of the day you can also practice sharing highlights and offering all the merits of the day out to all living beings.


  • 9:30: Site is updated and live
  • 10:00-11:30: Your lead teacher has organized a meeting and materials for this time  block. Refer to your class specific page for more information.
  • 11:30-1:00: Break
  • 1:00-3:15: We are offering four afternoon specials. See schedule and link information below. Come join us—no need to sign up!
Nature with Dorothy 1:00-1:30 Link ID: 503 209 6345  Passcode: tH1c9N
Art with Josie 1:30-2:00 Link ID: 268 936 8767  Passcode: Gbgu2M
Physical Activity with Dondre 2:15-2:45 Link ID: 673 102 1710  Passcode: MFtS2g
Movement/Yoga with Kelly 2:45-3:15 Link ID: 979 377 5657  Passcode: 8tVvkJ


At your own pace recorded and downloadable activities that any MWS student can enjoy. LINK


Fawns are learning in their home environment on Tuesday. There is so much to explore! How are things connected at home? How does the water come from the faucet? What brings heat into the stove? How do you make bread from water and flour and heat?   READ MORE (to be updated at 9:30 am)

Snow Lions

Have a beautiful morning Snow Lions! COMPLETE SCHEDULE LINK HERE.


Hi Wild Horses! HERE is your plan for the week. Enjoy! 


HERE is your schedule. Enjoy!


Hi Dragons! Addie put together a fun week for you. Read all about it HERE.



Howdy Owls! Hannah’s schedule is HERE. Enjoy and Stay warm!