Anna Mayta

Anna Mayta

Spanish Language Teacher

Anna blends her passion for the Spanish language from a childhood in Chile, with her background in movement education to create “Spanish Language Through Movement” – a unique and effective approach to learning a language for all age groups. The children love the vibrant, embodied approach, and quickly learn their numbers, colors, and animals. We love seeing how Anna dances with our students into a love of language.

I grew up in Chile for 13 years to American parents. I went to all Spanish Schools and talked in English at home. Therefore when we moved to Beacon NY I was 14 years old and I didn’t know how to write or read in English. So I had to put my Spanish to the side and concentrate on my English skills. Now as an adult I can focus on both languages.

After graduating with a BA in movement education, June 2001 from Empire State College. I started teaching my movement classes in Zimbabwe, India, England, NYC, Boston and currently for the past 10 years in the Hudson Valley area. During these years I thought how can I bring together two loves of mine, my Spanish Language and my love of movement and share this with the community and schools. So I began to develop my Spanish Language through movement program and teaching this program around th as Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, Beacon public schools after school programming, Montessori schools, Catherine St Community Center, Boys and Girls Club in Poughkeepsie and others.

I am so grateful and excited to share this program with Middle Way School. With repetition, songs, bilingual stories, music and movement exercises a language is learned and retained from my research. And within this frame work I create curriculums that are balanced with repetition and new Spanish vocabulary themes to help my students learn the Spanish Language in a fun, creative, kinetic and expressive way.

It fills me with such joy to be a staff member of Middle Way School because I have found a ton of inspiration in my studies of the different Buddhist traditions and I practice yoga and meditation.